k-karaoke (pt 2)


When the Singing Battle singing competition television show had first started airing in October of last year, it had seemed to be a bit of an iffy one. Wasn’t sure if this karaoke-singing contest was gonna reach until even its 10th episode/week or not, considering its concept is a sort of has-been one. But this past week, it had reached its 20th episode! Woohoo!  More details about the show in this previous post.

the most confident non-singer

One of the most memorable episodes on this show was when the comedian-turned-UFC fighter, Hyongbin, had sung against the most confident singer ever.

Hyongbin is a comedian-turned-UFC fighter. Because my Pops watches the UFC channel on a regular basis, we had certainly watched the match in which he had incredibly won against a Japanese fighter. Hooray! Besides his having been the underdog fighter who had won, he is also well-known for being a very considerate and sweet fella. But can this sweet fella sing? A coupla weeks ago, viewers were about to find out.

But that episode was not only one of the most memorable ones because he had impressed his fans with his singing ability, but also due to his having sung against the most confident competitor on the show ever. The other fella was Heonsu, who was the one who had chosen a very tough song to sing called “Love Over A Thousand Years” because of its many high notes. Hyongbin had been worried about how he would do, especially because Heonsu on the other side of the stage looked so confident and smug about his song of choice. But Heonsu shocked everyone when he sang, especially his own coach.


~p.s. Hyongbin kept leading Heonsu to his side of the stage because when the stage lights show that one singer had earned all of the judges’ votes, then normally, the song would stop, and the singer with no lighted votes would go down the stage trap door (known as a “knockout” on this show). But because Heonsu refused to stay in his spot, where he’d go down the trap door, the song had continued until the end.

Speaking of reaching way-up-there notes, one of the highlights of last week was when a song called “The Love I Committed” had been the song selected. The competitors were a basketball player against a comedian. Because both competitors didn’t feel confident in singing this difficult song, they chose to utilize their Hidden Card singers to sing on their behalf, instead. And when the Hidden Card singers were revealed, it became a ballad singer vs a rocker.

fastest song lesson ever

Ever learn how to sing a song in just a few minutes? Well, that’s what Sejin, a comedian, had to do in order to learn a song that had been famous when he was just a kid in kindergarten. To the applaud of his team’s coach, Sejin was able to receive a very short lesson of the song, before meeting his competitor on the stage. It was the fastest and shortest song lesson on the show ever.

His competitor was a voice actor named Jangwon, who plays the character of Olaf in the (Korean version of the) animated Frozen movie. Have a listen to when both fellas sang a 90s popular song called “I Know” together.


thrown in without a lesson

The show had just started and the 1st song selected was “Shaken Friendship”. Unlike Sejin, who had a coach who reviewed with him his song before he was to compete, Byungchul on the other hand, was just told to go out and sing, and without even being asked whether he knew the song or not. So poor Byungchul, who is an Olympian athlete in the sport of Fencing, was just thrown out out there, basically. Although he didn’t win, I have to hand it to him, that I thought his voice was very similar to his competitor, who is an actor. If it wasn’t for his mistake on messing up the song lyrics a bit, I think he coulda won, and should return to compete again in the future.