plant seeds



Plant seed packets with

“Easy to Grow” labeling.

Argh.  ‘Tis sometimes not.


~ by inc.


One of the few veggies which had thrived as they had grown for me in the past, was these small lettuce greens.  My family had eaten ’em with everything, besides as just a salad.  I am looking forward to growing them again in the future.


But in the case of these radishes…they had gone kaput on me.  But at least I had learned how I had planted them incorrectly: I hadn’t planted them with enough soil underneath (soil wasn’t deep enough).  Next time, I shall put ’em into deep planting containers, so that I can monitor ’em (from bugs/bugaroos), instead of planting them into the ground, like I had done here.


Plant seeds that had failed to grow for me, though having tried a number ‘o times:

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Poppy flowers
  • Baby’s Breath flowers
  • Bachelor Button flowers
  • Carnation flowers



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k-karaoke, anyone?

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There’s a new Korean music show in town and it’s called Singing Battle. It airs on the KBS network throughout Asia and even in Sri Lanka.  What makes this show different from the other major ones currently airing on Korean television networks, is that it involves one activity which them K-folks sho do enjoy doing for recreation a whole lot: singing karaoke.

Press conference for the show in October 2016. MC host of the show (R).

The Current Shows

Some of the present Korean singing/music TV programs with biggie viewers:

1. Immortal Songs
2. The King of Mask[ed] Singer
3. I am a Singer

The Competitors

On The King of Mask[ed] Singer, the competitors behind their masks have been:

  • real singers (Kpop, Trot, Oldies, etc),
  • actors and comedians
  • news reporters
  • sports athletes
  • and other well-known television personalities

But on the Singing Battle show, the contestants are all non-professional singers. They’re instead, television celebrities, news reporters, theater actors and many of whom are comedians (“gag actors”), which certainly helps to liven up the mood of the show.

Image result for singing battle kbs

The Coaches

The show starts off with 4 groups of singers, with 3 singers in each group.

Due to the singers being non-pros, they’re each given a Coach/Leader to help ’em by giving ’em tips on how to improve their singing, while guiding and encouraging them before and during their performances on stage. The coaches have thus far been music producers and past big-hit singers.

Image result for singing battle kbsThe Competition

1. At the start of the show, the 4 coaches are introduced. Then a song begins and everyone sings the song together, while being hidden behind an enclosed room, where the coaches have no idea who they are. The coaches listen to each group’s singing ability and chooses which group they’d like to be a coach for. Should there be more than 1 coach who would like to lead a particular group, then the group themselves choose which coach they’d like to lead them. This is how the 4 coaches are put together with the 4 groups of singers.

2. All of the singers have been provided a list of songs that will possibly be the ones that they’ll be singing on the show. So that would certainly help for them to at least be somewhat prepared to sing the various songs prior to coming on the show.  The songs’ lyrics are provided above each singer.

3. The competition begins with the title of the first song being presented by the MC.  The first group to press the red buzzer will be the first challenger. That group sort of strategizes about which other groups they’d like to oust first (whom they think might be the worst group of singers they’re possibly are sure to beat).

4. After the first challenger names whom they’d like to compete against first, that other singer is given the advantage to pick a song that he/she would like to sing and are most likely a real good singer of. And so the competition begins!

5. Halfway through a song, there’s a panel of judges who will vote which of the 2 singers they think should be the winner. As they’re voting, the stage floor will light up in front of the singer whom the judges had picked. After both singers have finished singing their song together, they wait to see which of them has won more votes from the judging panel. As soon as the score appears – or even prior to it being revealed – the losing singer’s stage floor will open up below ’em, and that singer will fall through to the bottom, where there’s a container of styrofoam material for them to land on top of.

Image result for singing battle kbs

The Hidden Competitors

Should a singer not feel confident that they’d do well at singing a particular song, or are pretty much aware that they’re a worse off singer than their challenger, then that his/her coach would have the option to press a red button, which will stop the competition round immediately. When that happens, their “Hidden Card Singer” will be brought to the stage (a professional singer, but whom the group themselves have no idea whom it will be), and will sing the song in the competitor’s place.

The other group then has the choice to also press their own red button, in order to call up their own Hidden Card Singer too.  Or they can choose to have their competitor brave it up, by singing against the pro-singer, instead.  Should they choose to utilize their Hidden Card Singer, then that’s when the competition becomes pro-singer against pro-singer, instead of against 2 amateur karaoke singers.

The Special Round

Since this show had first aired, it has thus far only reached to Episode 4 this week. Seems like such a short distance since its start, considering how it has grown to be quite a hit with viewers already.

What made this latest episode a unique one, was when the MC had introduced a special round that will occur on the show for the first time.  It’s called “The Return of Losers Round”, which means  that those who had already been eliminated will have the opportunity to compete again, should they be chosen to do so by their coaches.

Dahae, a swimming athlete (L) vs Miryeo, the actress (R)

The Share

And so that is what had happened on this latest Episode 4 on the show, which I’d like to share with y’all about. At the start of this program, the reigning karaoke singer who was knocking out her competitors one by one, was an actress named Miryeo. Her coach had predicted that she’s such a good singer, that she may knock out up to 5 singers from the other teams. But instead, she had been eliminated after having won against 4.  And it was the other team’s Hidden Singer who had done it.

In Changhee’s case, he didn’t even get to sing earlier at all.  Because as soon as his Hidden Singer had lost for him and his group, he had automatically been eliminated too. Therefore, it was him whom his coach had picked to sing for this Return of Losers Round, to give him a chance to sing at least once on the stage.

The MC (who is an actor, by the way) opened up the envelope and presented the song, which had been chosen by the Korean Music Sports Federation.  And the song for this special round is…”Puyo Puyo” by UP!  What a title, ‘eh?  But wait ’til you hear the song!

The special Return of Losers Round in which Miryeo (the show’s just-about-won-da-show singer) goes against Changhee, who’d like to show ’em all how he too can sing!





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failure is not fatal



We would all like to be remembered for our “finest hour.”  Perhaps the apostle Peter’s finest hour was when he proclaimed, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”  (John 6:69).

Sometimes, however, we let our failures define us.  After Peter repeatedly denied that he knew Jesus, he went out and wept bitterly (Matthew 26:75, John 18).




Like Peter, we all fall short – in our relationships, in our struggle with sin, in our faithfulness to God.  But “failure is not fatal,” as Churchill also said.

Thankfully, this is true in our spiritual life.  Jesus forgave the repentant Peter for his failure (John 21) and used him to preach and lead many to the Savior.




Failure is not fatal.  God lovingly restores those who turn back to Him.

When God forgives, He removes the sin and restores the soul.


~ Cindy Hess Kasper, Our Daily Bread




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