in and around your life



Because you are His child, God orchestrates or allows only the best possible results, by the best possible means, to accomplish the highest possible purpose, for the longest time, for the most people in and around your life.




We get caught up in thinking we know what’s wisest because we get little windows into truth and life.  We jump into conslusions about what must be done.




We often put our hands on our hips and demand, “Hey, God, what about this situation?  What about that person?  If you had only done this or prevented that, everything would be so much better!”




Until we grasp what it means that God is all-wise, we will never be able to trust and rest in His wise plan for our lives.




God’s agenda is not our happiness.  God’s agenda is our holiness.




~  by Chip Ingram, God: As He Longs For You to See Him





just stuffs of late


Since running my own business the past several months, my usual meal is instant noodles.  With either fresh hot peppers from my garden (now filled with overgrown weeds cuz I’m too weary when I get home to cut the grass out there) or my favorite ground hot pepper in a jar, Pacific Red Hot.



The product’s description on Amazon.

Last night, I had eaten the 2nd-to-last instant noodle bowl in the boxed case.  So in order to save the very last one for later, I decided to eat some real food for dinner tonight.  My menu?  Fried Spam, rice, and a stew with chicken and potatoes (made by a family member, of course; I only fried the Spam; that’s enough “cooking” for me, as I can hardly even keep my eyes open as I type at the moment).

Right before I was about to devour my meal, I told my family about how I had avoided eating the stew for the last coupla days cuz I was just too darn tired to separate the bones off of the chicken.  Can you believe that?  And the chicken pieces aren’t even the normal chicken size ones, but little ones.

Reminds me of when an Aunt of mine (who used to grow Asian pears on a piece of land that she had owned) had told me about how she had heard that young-aged Koreans don’t wanna buy those large-sized pears anymore, just because it was a hassle for them to peel it.  Oh, how I can relate.

Some nights, I just grab a handful of M&Ms (with peanuts) from my refrigerator and chew on them as I crawl into bed.  Yes, I didn’t brush my teeth.  Yes, there is a high chance that I will get 9 fillings again at the dentist like I did a coupla years ago.  Oy!


This morning, I didn’t have any early morning orders to prepare again, so I was able to get up at my usual time of 3am, in order to be at my mini rice-making factory by 4am.

My shop is located within a building that also leases out to restaurants, bars, and a grocery store.  Across the street, there’s an automotive supply store, a medical supply store, a storage facility, and another grocery store.

That other grocery store opens their business at 5am sharp.  What I like about that store is how they have bright lights in front of their parking lot.  Really brightens up my side of the road as well, so if ever I need to go outside later on to get sumthin’, the parking lot is all lit up from that store.

Because that store opens at 5am, I often wonder what time that store owner wakes up in the morning.  At 3am or 4am, like me?  Or maybe she lives behind her building and can get up at 4:30am and walk on over to the front of it to open its doors?

I remember the first time I had entered into that store in order to get me a few sodas to drink (now I purchase a coupla cases of water and maybe a soda to keep in stock in my shop; cuz cans that say 99 cents on them in that store sho aren’t 99 cents, but more like $1.50; it’s common, though).  When I had set my beverages onto the counter, the store owner barely looked up at me.  She was in the middle of watching one of the latest Korean TV dramas.  Boy, was she into it.

Good thing my drinks made some noise as I put them down, so she noticed I had come in.  She turned to me for a sec and then told me how much I owed her.  I dug out my dough from my pocket.  After handing it to her and receiving my change in coins, I could sense her wanting to probably say to me, “Okay now, scram.  This is the juicy part of the show.  Can’t miss it.  Better not buy nuthin’ else, chick.

Since about a month ago, I’ve had an early, early bird customer bang on my shop window.  As mentioned earlier, I usually begin my rice cake-making process between the hours of 3 – 4am.  So the first time I had received a call right at 4:00 in the morning, I couldn’t believe it.  It was a man who was just about hollering into the phone, and he was demanding to make an order for a tray of one of the rice cakes.  I said, okay, and for him to pick it up around 9am.  He hollered how come it was gonna take so long?!  I told him cuz I have to prepare for other orders that had come in before him and that was the time I could have his order ready.  The fella was unhappy, but said okay.  Click.

That was the first time I had met this man.  Can’t remember his name, although another Aunt of mine had told me his name about a week ago.  She said she knew of him because he has an older sister whom she knows well.

What makes this man memorable is that he doesn’t appear to have any teeth.  So whenever he speaks, he does a lot of spitting.  I wonder if there might be a possibility that he may not have good hearing too because he’s always yelling whenever he talks.

So whenever fella wants to buy some rice cakes from me, he bangs and bangs and bangs on my store window around 4:30 in the morning.  One time, he asked loudly how come my front door was locked.  I told him because we weren’t open, like I tell him every other time he came before 8am, which is our actual open time (when them rice cakes would be finished all being made).

But I guess he always forgot my answer and always bangs on my window whenever he’s having another rice cake craving again.  Or had overheard another person whom he knows mention that they’re craving a certain rice cake, and he’d come over to order some for that person.  Aw…what a friend he is.  But I just wish he’d come over to order or buy ’em at 8am, instead of at 4:30am, when I’m ultra-busy trying to grind heavy containers of rice.

In regards to heavy containers.  Every time I carry a 50 lb bag of rice to wash, I always lift the bag from the middle, which makes me have a better grip of the bag.  Then it wouldn’t just be my fingers holding the heavy bag at the top, but my basically hugging the big bag against myself as I carry it.

So far, it’s been a successful no-injury process for me daily.  But a few days ago, my back felt weird.  As soon as I had lifted the rice bag, I felt like this odd feeling in my back.  As if a section of my lower back had shifted down.  But like a square-shaped shelf being pulled down, if that makes any sense.

As soon as I took a step forward, I grimaced to prepare to feel big pain in my back from the odd feeling I had gotten.  But nothing.  No big pain.  Just the same amount of back pain as I usually had from all of the heavy rice lifting I do everyday there.  So I continued to head to the kitchen sink and still no difference.  Hmm…that was odd.  What a weird feeling that was.  Like a shelf moving down or sumthin’.  Maybe it was my back auto-shifting to prevent damage? 

I was just greatly relieved that I hadn’t damaged my back.  Because that would certainly be a significant drawback to my business, as I have to continually lift containers of rice into my grinder, onto and out of the steamer, and into the other machines.  Whew.  Praise God!



I’d like to share with y’all a pic of our bestseller.  It’s called the Yongyang Rice Cake.


Ingredients:  rice, salt, water, sugar, kabocha squash, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cherries, sliced almonds, and lotsa beans (black beans, red mung beans, garbanzo beans, red kidney beans, black-eyed peas, green peas, and white/navy beans).


Have a safe and enjoyable Autumn season, everyone!






momentous news




Theologian J.I. Packer identified his favourite chapter in the Bible as that which begins with ‘There is no condemnation’ and ends with ‘nothing can separate us from the love of God.’

No condemnation.  No separation.  That is momentous news.


~  David Cook, Our Daily Bread Ministries





can one read a ministry by its envelope?




I am unsure as to the validity of this news article by, but am saddened to read about it.  It writes about one of the ministries which I had thought had been doing a great service to those who are the “hard to reach” because of their living in the deep, deep areas of countries where missionaries don’t already go to.  So they send their own local missionaries, those who are from that particular country and area.  The ministry I’m referring to is Gospel for Asia, which is founded by K.P. Yohannan.


Last year, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) booted GFA from its membership after an investigation found the ministry did not meet ECFA’s guidelines.


The ECFA found GFA hoarded as much as $259 million during some months rather than spending the donated funds on church-planting, missionary work, or charitable relief for the poor.


Former GFA board member Gayle Erwin resigned his board position on Oct. 3, 2015, the day after the ECFA revoked GFA’s membership.


Erwin recently said he grew suspicious when Yohannan became reluctant to discuss details of ministry practices with him and other board members.


“There came a time when he stopped talking and everything became a veil of darkness,” Erwin said. “And for that I confronted him a lot.” Yohannan eventually lashed out at Erwin, according to the former board member. “I was pretty much insulted in every way possible. … In talking with others, I have found out that’s how he leads. He is a bit of a bully.”


~ credit:


Sure, it’s true that you can’t choose a book by its cover.  But how about choosing a ministry by its envelope? In order to store away my monthly receipts, I re-use envelopes that I receive in the mail.  One of the most sturdiest envelopes that I receive by mail is the one from Gospel for Asia, which sends newsletters to me every single month with the donation form and envelope to send the form in with.


The one problem that I have with this ministry is that it ignores my requests to stop sending me mail.  Because my post office mailbox is already filled enough with bills to pay and is small in size, receiving newsletters and such from ministries requesting for me to make monetary donations to them take up a lot of my mailbox’s room.  So whenever I can, I try to take the time to send an email to those ministries to save their mail material, envelopes, and trees, and to stop sending me anything in the mail.  Because if I were directed by the Lord to send them any money, then I’d just send it to them via online on their website.


But Gospel for Asia were one of those few ministries which had ignored my requests for stopped mail and they keep sending me their newsletters and envelopes.  Because I get fed up with trying to bother contacting them again, I just discard the material and re-use the envelopes.


It’s interesting how I’ve noticed how sturdy their envelopes are.  Like them sturdy envelopes that one might receive from a price law firm (except one without a legal letter requesting/demanding for payment).


Anyhow, it’s a darn shame this article about another ministry being founded out that their financial donations have been squandered – or had been spent on themselves.  Such a shame…


But praise God that He knows who they are, what they’ve done, and to every single one of those persons whom they had hurt financially (those who had given sacrificially to give to this ministry).  The world is sinful, but God is sovereign and in control.  Hallelujah!





timeless hymns

As I sit at my desk labeling the file folders, I’m totally enjoying myself as I sing along (in my *cough* voice) to these beautiful timeless hymns.  Would love to share this great medley, which video is commercial-free.  Amen!






1st U.S. Remake of Korean TV Show Tops American Ratings

Credit:  The Chosun Ilbo News


“Better Late Than Never,” an American remake of cable channel tvN’s reality travel show “Grandpas Over Flowers,” got off to a good start, topping the ratings for its time slot.

The debut episode, which aired on NBC at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, received the highest viewer ratings among the four major U.S. networks — NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS — CJ E&M said on Thursday.

Some 7.35 million people watched the show, the second-biggest audience for the day overall after “America’s Got Talent,” which drew 11.7 million viewers.

“Better Late Than Never” is the first-ever remake of a Korean TV program. After two years of preproduction, it was given a coveted prime-time slot by NBC.

It captures the experiences of comedian Jeff Dye, actors Henry Winkler and William Shatner, sportscaster Terry Bradshaw and former boxer George Foreman as they encounter new cultures on their travels to Seoul, Hong Kong, the Thai cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan.



free pickup of your donated stuffs!

The sis frequently checks the FREE section on Craigslist and finds herself some really good finds.  But I’d only take the time to check that section only if I’m in need of boxes cuz we were in the process of moving abodes again.

If you too may be moving or are considering to give away some of your personal belongings that you don’t care to have anymore (maybe cuz they’re too bulky or perhaps way outta style now), how ’bout considering to donate your stuff to the Vietnam Veterans of America?  (VVA)

The very cool thing about their donation program is that you don’t need to drive all the way to some drop off location (like the sis and I always had to do before), but you can request for a FREE pickup of those items through their Pick Up donation program.

The Vietnam Veterans of America is a respected charity that gives aid to all of America’s veterans, not just those of a particular age group or war. By donating used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other household items, you help generate funds to take care of the soldiers and service men and women who help keep America safe from harm.

“Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

—Vietnam Veterans of America motto

The VVA accept just about anything, such as:

  • Books (textbooks, magazines, hardcover, softcover)
  • Clothes
  • Household Items
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Sports Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Appliances

So if you’ve got some stuff that you’d like to donate, schedule a FREE pickup today on their Pick Up website.  Woohoo!