mo funner than da other


Facebook?  Humph.

Nope, I’m not a tweet-twit-Twitterer, neither.

Insta-wa?  Don’t care for that one too.

Then what kinda life do I got, if I don’t even LIKE in any of ’em, each day, each hour, to each friend?

Well, my dear, lemme tell you.

I like to read.

They be intawestin’ material.  Cheery stuff.  Artsy stuff.  And deep-thinkin’ stuffs too.

Sometimes ’bout books.  Sometimes ’bout gardenin’.

Didja know how many different ways one can make use a single shoe?


Sometimes them stories be on folks’ life lessons.  Their trials.  And mostly ’bout their faith.

But I just read, you ask?  Uh-huh.  Yup.  I sho do.

They be good stuff.  Good material.  They be bringin’ Good News!


Just last week, “What’s a blog?”, someone had asked me.

A big ‘ole shocked gasp with inconceivable eyes, I did give.

“What?!  You don’t know?  Have you never, ever seen one?”

So who woulda have guessed that there’d be peepo like dat in dis world.

Not I!  Me says.  Of peepo who’ve not discovered da treasure of da bloggin’ world.

But c’mon now, I must relax.  It’s gonna be okay.

Cuz sooner or later, they too shall discover, what da bloggin’ world be about.

And who knows?  Maybe they too shall concur with me and declare:

“Facebook?  Humph.

Twitter?  Please twit-away!

Cuz I’ve found me sumthin’ mo worthwhile, yo.

Grab yoself a chair.  And yo coffee mug too.

Cuz there sho ain’t like no otha, like readin’ a blog or two,

with a brotha.  Holla!”